Battling for Bodily Autonomy: an Anthology That Dares to Make a Stand

Battling for Bodily Autonomy: an Anthology That Dares to Make a Stand

Give Me an A


Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama, Dark Comedy
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 40m
Created by: Natasha Halevi
Director(s): Hannah Alline (“Hold Please”), Avital Ash (“God’s Plan”), Bonnie Discepolo (“DTF”), Loren Escandon (“The Last Store”), Valarie Finkel (“Crucible Island”), Natasha Halevi (“Abigail,” “The Cheerleaders Wraparound”), Caitlin Josephine Hargraves (“Sweetie”), Danin Jacquay (“Good Girl”), Sarah Kopkin (“The Walk”), Francesca Maldonado (“Traditional”), Kelly Nygaard (“Vasectopia”), Megan Rosati (“Plan C”), Mary C. Russell (“Crone”), Monica Suriyage (“mediEVIL”) and Megan Swertlow (“The Voiceless”)
Writer(s): Natasha Halevi (Created by, “Wraparound – The Cheerleaders,” “Abigail,” “Vascectopia”), Megan Swertlow (“The Voiceless”), Bonnie Discepolo (“DTF”), Trevor Munson (“DTF”), Danin Jacquay (“Good Girl”), Matthew Vorce (“Good Girl”), Annie Bond (“Our Precious Babies”), Sarah Kopkin (“The Walk”), Lexx Fusco (“mediEVIL”), Rowan Fitzgibbon (“mediEVIL”), Madison Hatfield (“Sweetie”), Megan Rosati (“Plan C”), Savannah Rose Scaffe (“Hold Please”), Avital Ash (“God’s Plan”), Mary C. Russell (“Crone”), Laura Covelli (“Crucible Island”), Danielle Aufiero (“Crucible Island”), Loren Escandon (“The Last Store”) and Lexx Fusco (“Traditional”)
Where To Watch: showing at the 2023 Overlook Film Festival Sunday, April 2, 2023, at 3:30 PM at Canal Place Theater. Please visit for more information.

RAVING REVIEW: A Supreme Court ruling on June 23, 2022, marked a crucial turning point in women's rights within the United States. In response to this historical event, GIVE ME AN A emerges as a powerful film that challenges the audacity of those who place personal opinions above the rights of millions of citizens of this country. This anthology seamlessly uses horror, sci-fi, and dark comedy elements to depict the dystopian future (errr, the almost present-day); some wish to impose on Americans.

Recent events have underlined the importance of supporting women's rights, now more than ever. As a white cisgender man in his 40s, I'm highly conscious of my privileges. As a father, son, husband, and brother, I must advocate for those underrepresented in America.

When it comes to granting a film a five-star rating, I am rather discerning. A movie must not only captivate audiences with an intelligent story and powerful visuals and stir emotions that linger long after the final scene. GIVE ME AN A successfully meets these criteria and far more. While it may have its imperfections, the film's creation displays the passion and dedication of its creators following an unparalleled assault on women's bodily autonomy.

Distinguished by its unique structure, GIVE ME AN A presents 17 shorts with a larger overarching narrative segment, making the film feel like one cohesive experience. The all-female filmmaking team of writers and directors weaves these segments together, igniting a broader conversation on reproductive rights, bodily autonomy, and the shortcomings of a democracy that neglects the majority's needs.

GIVE ME AN A is a timely and powerful film, capturing the current atmosphere of anger and despair while retaining an undercurrent of hope and defiant humor. Although the individual segments may sometimes vary, the overall message demands attention and recognition. Viewers can expect to be emotionally moved, intellectually challenged, and inspired to take action.

With an unwavering stance on women's rights, GIVE ME AN A resonates deeply with those who already advocate for a woman's right to choose. The challenge, however, lies in reaching the people who need to hear this message the most. I would like to thank the festivals that have already shown this remarkable film and the others that will follow. I can only hope that reviews like this and others will catch the eye of someone who otherwise may not experience this film.

As a thought-provoking anthology, GIVE ME AN A reflects the current mood of an overwhelming number of Americans. The film aims to foster dialogue, regardless of whether viewers agree with the narrative.

This isn’t the end, “we the people” have the power and must continue to speak with our votes. This country cannot continue to spread hate, fear, and anger while blatantly stealing the rights of its people. Remember to vote not only in the national elections but in your local elections; remember, change starts locally. Make your voice heard, and be the change that you want to see.

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